My deep love for Ahhnold.

As many of my friends know, I have a weird thing for Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love all of his movies and just for some reason love him as an actor. I think he totally gets that his movies and acting are ridiculous and totally plays it up! He makes fun of himself in his movies - I mean, haven't you seen Last Action Hero? Completely making fun of the types of movies Arnold's in. Love it! I blame this obsession love on my dad. Growing up, many Saturday nights were spent eating dinner around the coffee table in the living room, watching Arnold movies. Hell, we still do that. So I'm dedicating the following video to my dad. :) Thanks Mike for showing me the video!

The Schwarzenegger Conspiracy: Deadliest Cover Up Ever - video powered by Metacafe

The importance (and awesomeness) of networking.

So lately I've really been feeling the benefits of networking. I completely believe that one of the best ways to get a great job is based on who you know. I've recently been talking to an advertising creative who used to work in New York until he got burned out by it (sounds just like how I'm feeling too), moved to Richmond, VA to work at The Martin Agency and is now working at BBDO in Atlanta. He is a great person to know and he's been giving me great advice on what to do after graduation. Hopefully I'll also be able to get a few names/recommendations from him too. It is a very good feeling to hear from an actual professional who has worked in some amazing agencies say that my work is great. Ego boost!

When Donna found out that I was looking into The Martin Agency, she (being from Richmond) called upon her many connections there to see if they had any connections to the agency. Turns out, she has two connections: one of her former students has a friend who works there now, and another former student........is one of the founder's sons! So, maybe something can come from all of these new connections!

I am finding networking is opening more and more doors for me. Now hopefully it will get me an actual job. :) I really feel like getting out into the real world now! I can't wait to get paid for doing what I love - no more paying to do it!


Finally! An easier way to find an apartment!

My friend Dan showed me a link to an awesome site last night: PadMapper. It's this awesome site that combines Google Maps with Craigslist and shows you a map with apartments on it! :) You can sort by different criteria and see where actual apartments are. It's pretty awesome. Thanks Dan!


Don't summon the 'Fail Whale'!!

Just a quick post before I run to work. Found this on iMedia Connection. I thought it was pretty funny.

Oh, Twitter. (if the video doesn't show here, click here!)


Back to life.. back to reality.

So my last spring break has come and gone. (scary thought) While it was nothing spectacular (meaning, I didn't go anywhere crazy or do anything super exciting), I really enjoyed it. I worked on my portfolio the whole time and I now have a finished book to take with me to interviews. Yay! I will throw up a picture as soon as I take one :)

Working on my portfolio this break has completely sucked all interest in school out of me. I am feeling uninspired by projects, simply because I'm looking ahead to what awaits two months from now. To me, that is the most important thing right now. As long as I pass my classes and graduate, I'm happy. My priorities right now are aiming at getting the rest of my interview paraphernalia together and sending out emails and finding a job! It's pretty daunting, but I'm ready to find out what I'm going to be doing, and where. :) Me being me, I like knowing these things in advance so that I can start planning things out. (or worrying, as it usually is with me)


On a completely unrelated note, (this one's for you, Nat) I recently was given a lovely birthday gift of some sample sized lip glosses from Boots and I fell in love. One shade in particular was the object of my complete affection and I ended up running to Target over the break to pick up a full size tube of it. Even my mom, who never wears lip gloss because most of them are so sticky, liked it. Score!


Spring Break sucks desire to post out of me.

Whoo. Sorry for the lack of updates lately - you can blame Spring Break for this. :) I'm home and having a wonderful time, basically just working on my portfolio and reading and catching up with Nicole and her wedding plans and house excitement. And, her new puppy! (I wanted to show a picture, but my cell phone erased it. :( Oh well. Trust me, he's cute.)

Not much else to say, but I'll be back to more regular posts next week - hopefully.

Enjoy your spring breaks all you Pratt kids, and have a good week everyone else!


Fun beginning to spring break!

Yay! My mom is coming up this weekend! :D An old family friend is coming into town. :) Then, we're flying home together for spring break! I'm excited to have someone to fly with! I've always flown alone, and while that's fine, it's also awesome to have someone to go with. So excited!!

Now back to homework. Yippie.


My preliminary take on Watchmen

So we went to see Watchmen tonight. I know I'm probably going against most people when I say this, but I must say that I enjoyed it. I'm not saying that it was the best thing ever or anything, but I thought it was enjoyable. I did read the graphic novel beforehand, so I knew the story going in.

I think there was too much violence just for violence's sake - and they left out some things (which I obviously knew they would - if they kept everything in, the movie would have never ended). We discussed it on the ride home, and the group that I left with overall agreed that we enjoyed it. However, the other half of the group (who stayed in the city) I think were pretty agreed that they did not like it. I haven't talked to them enough yet to find out exactly why, and what we talked about I can't quite remember, so I'll leave that until another time.


Oh, and Nat came over before we left and gave me my birthday present! :) A book, Good in Bed (completely chick-lit, but totally up my alley), some makeup and some cute nail polish! Love that girl! I can't wait to paint my nails with the cute colors! It was also just nice to catch up with her. :)

So, good day. Now I'm off to sleep and get ready for another homework filled day.


Papercuts of the good variety

These are also beautiful!

Interesting art

I really like these pieces by Ric Stultz - I think it's mostly the titles that I find humorous. :) Enjoy!


Some things that are making me happy right now.

A few weeks ago I Stumbled on an interesting music site, Musicovery. I favorited it and then kinda forgot about it. This weekend I was realizing I wanted to listen to some new music - something that wasn't in my iTunes - and I remembered the site. I think it is very interesting! The music is picked based on whatever mood you're in. I also think the design is interesting - could definitely use some tweaks, but the idea is cool.

I also just finished watching Save the Last Dance before bed. One of my favorite comfort movies. Totally makes me miss Sarah and Nicole and the days of our wonderful sleepovers! Makes me sad that we have to grow up. I can't believe Nicole is getting freakin' married in June!! And she already has a house! Wow. We're all getting older. Oh well, it happens. :)

Ok, off to bed. Full day of homework ahead of me. Yippie.