Life after Pratt...half a year after, actually..wow.

So...it's been a lot longer than I thought since I posted last. Anywho...

Still sending out applications (not as many as I should..) but at least I have a paying job for now at the Bulletin. I've been their Community News Editor for the past few months and I just got offered 40 hours a week plus benefits, which is good since my insurance runs out at the end of the year. And...it will let me pay my loans each month, which is no small thing.

I am really glad that I went to Pratt, because I wouldn't have met so many awesome people and learned so many incredible things and been in NYC....but....sometimes (read: now that I've gotten my loan bills) I wonder whether I would have gone to an instate school instead. *sigh* Oh well, it is what it is.

I'm glad I don't have to pay rent right now, but I wish I had my own place. I'm really lucky that my family and I get along really well, so it's not torture. But....I obviously would like to have my own place. I wouldn't be able to pay my loan bills AND rent right now, so it's a good thing.

However, being in Tryon, there are not too many guys - or young people at all for that matter. So, another reason it'd be nice to move just a little bit farther away.

Oh, and apparently, mentioning 'dinosaurs' in one post = stupid ads about them.