OMG. I need to get kitties. Like, ASAP. So, Harry just got two kittens tonight....and they are ADORABLE! This guy came over to their apartment and brought some kittens with him, and they got to run around and play with us for like, an hour and a half. There were these three kittens that I just fell in love with - the first was a poor starving kitty, 2 months old, black with a white chest and white feet...they'd found him and then discovered he had an upper respiratory infection or something, so he was sick and was very skinny. He was adorable and instantly fell in love with me, crawling all over me. I brought him to the couch, and one of the other kittens that went with him ended up next to me on the couch too, and then finally, the last kitten of that group finally settled down with me too. So, I was sitting on the couch, with 3 tiny kittens all curled up on top of me and next to me....SO CUTE! It broke my heart when they had to go.....WHY DO I LIVE ON CAMPUS!!!? :( Well..eventually I WILL get some cats.

Then, in case my heartache wasn't enough by having to say goodbye to first the 3 kittens I fell in love with and then the 2 adorable kittens that Harry adopted, when I got back to my dorm, I walked in the front doors, and there was the giant black cat that is often hanging around. I squatted down to pet him and when I got up again, he started following me. Yep, he followed me all the way to my door, then just sat right in front of the door while I unlocked it, and ran right into my room! While I loved this, and wanted to keep him there forever, I knew that I couldn't, so I had to pick him up and put him back outside of my door. It was sad. :( :(

And now I have to sleep alone - no tiny kittens to keep me company. Le sigh.


So, it's been a while since I updated. Let's see...life has been pretty good. Unfortunately, I've been sick this week :( allergies, I guess. Super fun. School is going...yeah, it's going. Somehow seems like a little less work, at least recently. Kinda weird, but ok! It's just been a little easier to be sick and not quite as stressful as usual - in the past I'd have to get tons of work done when I couldn't even think. This time I've been able to get my work done and go to bed early to catch up on sleep. It's been a bit weird.

This week I've been pretty anti-social...watched a lot of movies and just random bad TV. I think I need to reconnect with people...I get a little crazy if I don't talk to more than one person a day.

I'm glad that my friends' lives seem to be progressing in a pleasant way recently. :) Does make me a bit jealous at times, but I try to not focus on that. I think that switching one of my prescriptions has made me a little more emotional this past month... maybe switching back will get me more normal. Or am I just crazy all the time? Seems like it these past couple of months.

Ahh....I've got to keep an eye on plane tickets for October! MUST GO TO BOONE FOR RUCKTOBERFEST!!!!! Must see my best girl! :D Cannot wait! Yay!


Happy birthday Mon! :)


This truly touched me:


Shown to me by one of my professors. Enjoy.



God, I love Hook. Such a beautiful movie. I've always loved the story of Peter Pan. It is so magical. *sigh*


I need to get over this. I hate how this thing has turned into just ranting about this one thing. Time to move on. Watching The Devil Wears Prada on my fuzzy fuzzy tv. My eyes hurt. For a variety of reasons. I need to go to sleep.


God, I wish this didn't suck so much. 3 months is nothing, apparently. Fuck.