Another Wonderful Ahhnold Video

Eric sent me this link the other night, and it killed me. Oh, I love Ahhnold.

See Ahhnold go crazy!


Twittergirl Video!!

Yay! The Twittergirl video is up! I had so much fun filming this with the girls! Please pass this link on! Hurrah for social media! :)

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@sophiedupin - Twittergirl/lead singer
@lobese - Twittergirl dancer
@maliaf - Twittergirl dancer
@alexanderaugust - Photographer


Fuck Yeah, Cilantro! <3

I think I found my soul mate. Mon and I discovered an awesome site yesterday: Fuck Yeah, Cilantro I think this guy and I were meant to be together...I LOVE cilantro! I used to hate it when I was younger, but I stopped being stupid. Thank God. Life wouldn't be the same without the metallic twang of cilantro making everything more delicious...more incredible...more intense....more....*drool*


Incredible Stop-Motion Piece

I have always loved stop-motion. A lot of my favorite projects of mine are stop-motion pieces. So, it's no surprise that I LOVE this piece:

Thanks, Mon (and Twitter!) for showing it to me!


Social Media Saves the Day!

So this girl went to a bar after work with her laptop. This guy who was hanging around was kinda creeping her out and making moves toward her phone, but she ignored him. He left and then when she decided to leave, she realized her bag was gone. Realizing that it was probably that guy, she went and asked the bartender if he knew his name - he did (because he paid with a credit card). She filed a police report but then decided to do some sleuthing of her own. She tracked him down on facebook and learned about him. Then, through some Googling, she found out where he lived. Having come to the conclusion that the guy wasn't dangerous, she and a friend decided to go to his apartment and confront him.

Once in his building, she talked her way up to his apartment and confronted him. He was so drunk he didn't even know what he'd done and she got her stuff back! The next day she friended him on Facebook and he didn't even remember any of it! Unbelievable!

Hurrah for social media! :)

Read the whole story here. (From Mediabistro.com)


Disgusting Ads

So, I saw these ads on Twitter through the_gman. Some of them are pretty disgusting, and others I don't quite understand why they're on this list. Check it out: Disturbing ads.

Stupid loans

So, as much as I am dying to get out of here.....I REALLY DON'T WANT TO START PAYING BACK MY LOANS!!!!! Where's a sugardaddy when you need one?? Accepting applications now!


Pillow fight!

"Demonstrators protested on over Wall Street bail outs on Saturday after noon. The Demonstrators staged a huge pillow in the heart of Wall Street on Saturday afternoon.

Pillows and goose feathers were flying all over, as the crowd of about 1500 pelted each other with pillows." - CNN iReport

Yay for a peaceful demonstration! I particularly like imagining feathers flying everywhere downtown. :)


Blue Chair Collective

Yesterday I came across a blog through Facebook that was put together by a few of my fellow Pratt kids: the blue chair collective. It's pretty sweet! Basically, it's a collection of pieces that each of the members is working on and works-in-progress. I'm liking the work guys! Keep it up!


Embroidery? Sweet!

So another month has come and gone. Time keeps moving...ticking closer and closer to graduation..aaah! While I'm frantically trying to get ready for the end of my school career, things are good. :)

I was on Twitter earlier and came across something pretty sweet through Guy Kawasaki:

How did they do this? I'm curious..