Talenti = Delizioso

So I recently bought some Talenti Sorbetto - in Roman Raspberry. It was DELICIOUS. The packaging is also really beautiful.



I've been meaning to post these pictures of the kitties, Bartok and Cassie, for a while. So, here they are!

They've been getting so big! I was reminded of this this past weekend when I got to play with Sarah's new kittie, Dylan, all weekend! He's only 7 weeks old and is sooo cute! But I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of him. :( Or any pictures of this past weekend, for that matter. When I get them from Sarah I will share some.


I want to set my Brains on Fire!

So Les Mis is over and done with. The kids did a fantastic job, although it made me feel super old...haha.

Here's a pic of the whole cast:

And here's a close up of one of the scenes:

(Jamie played a boy through most of the play)


In other news, it's been a pretty busy week so far. It's only Wednesday, and I've already traveled to Greensboro, NC (about 3 hours away), Greenville, SC (1 hour away), and Atlanta, GA (3 hours) to interview with people. Unfortunately, no jobs at any of these places, but it's comforting to know that they really like my work and want to meet with me and hopefully will think of me if they end up needing someone.

My favorite place so far is Brains on Fire. It's an awesome marketing/brand development company (really, you should check out the site - it'll explain it better than me - plus, it's awesome) in Greenville, SC. My dad actually was one of the architects who helped design the space that they're in. The people there were super friendly and really seemed to like my work. The woman I met with, Megan Byrd, introduced me to everyone there and raved about my 'awesome work' and was just all-around a fun, nice person who put me at ease. I hope they start hiring soon. :)



As Monica pointed out, I have dropped off the face of the earth, social-media-wise. I can't really give much of an excuse for it, but I CAN catch you up on what I've been up to!

This monstrosity has taken over my weekends. I had to beg my Dad to go down to visit my aunt with my mom and uncle and spend 4th of July on the lake with them. Jamie had to stay in order for me to go. He's a slave driver. ;)

Here's me (plus part of the camera strap) working on the shop.

And another of me and my wide ass working on putting the I beams up over the garage.

What you are looking at is the shop my Dad has been planning on building for my entire life - for the past 22 years. So the fact that it is finally being started is pretty incredible. We've been working on it every weekend for the past 3 weekends - starting on Friday at 8am and working till around 6-7pm. Then we do the same thing Saturday and Sunday. And rinse and repeat. I have the weirdest tan lines now and I think I'm slowly getting stronger. Construction is not my strong suit. Jamie, however, is in her element. She's learning a ton and actually enjoys it. Not that she wants to do it for a living or anything, but she's much better than me.


So that's how I spend my weekends. I have to beg to get out and do something different - and it usually doesn't get o.k.'d. :( (minus Nicole's wedding weekend - I will post pictures when I get some from Nicole)

My weeks are spent sending out applications for jobs, occasionally working at the Bulletin, and catching up on my reading. :) Next week I have a few interviews, (most just to meet people - only one possible job :( ) But even that is alright. The more people I meet, the more people I know and hopefully some will think of me when they do have openings. I'll probably stay down in the Southeast, but would not say no to a job in NYC. I've really been enjoying being back, even if I get lonely and would like to have my own place. For now, it's cheap and I'm saving money to get started on my own.


I'm also helping out backstage for our summer show, Les Miserables. Jamie has a few small parts in it. It's been nice to be back in the theater, but strange that I'm now too old to be in the summer shows. All of the kids are about 17-18 or younger - I think the oldest guy is 20. I feel like an old woman, even though I'm only 22.

My social/romantic life is at an all time low. Nicole is the only friend who has stuck around PC and we don't see each other all the time, probably about once a week to at least get lunch. And as for guys, well, let's just say Polk County isn't the best place to meet someone. The fish aren't biting - hell, I don't even see a pond. Oh well, things will look up in that respect eventually. On the bright side, I'm saving money not going out. :)


So that's what's going on with me lately. I will really try and keep updating this thing more often! And I will try and take more pictures. You can find more construction pictures if you wish on Facebook (i'm not sure that link will work, but if you're friends with Donna Everett, you can see them there)