More weird dreams

So - let's get this out of the way first: I am still alive. I didn't go down to NC and die. Don't forget about me! :D

I will discuss what's been going on with me in a later post, I promise. However, this one is for the weird-ass dreams I had last night.

dream 1 -

This one was very 'Fringe'-esque. I wasn't actually in it, but observing it like a movie. There was a guy, and it was the middle of the night. He had some weird paranormal thing that was about to happen to him, like he was hypnotized and then would explode at the end for some reason. Something to do with a remote car key lock thingy. I think he was supposed to go downstairs, go outside to his car, and hit the key thing and explode. No idea why. So anyway, he starts downstairs, gets outside and there are zombies. Not tons and tons, like you'd expect, but even one zombie is too many (in my opinion). So, he has to avoid the zombies, and suddenly these non-zombie guys run up to him and start punching him for no reason. So, he gets in this awesome fist-fight with them, beats the shit out of them, and makes his way to his car, where he finds the remote key thing and blows up in an epically awesome explosion.

I then wake up from this dream, and go back to sleep to have this dream:

dream 2 -

This one's very short and I don't remember everything. I was at Pratt and Obama was giving a lecture. It was my last night at Pratt and my friend Dan texted me wanting me to go eat - I said no, I was going to watch Obama speak, duh. So anyway, he started speaking, and then it got way informal and he ended up sitting next to me and we started talking about how his daughter's name and mine were the same. Then we watched some children's book turn into a movie in front of our eyes - it was strange. Then, that dream ended.

dream 3 -

I was in a room somewhere, where they were doing some weird scientific experiments on sharks (not in the same way that Deep Blue Sea does). In the middle of this room, on a table, was a giant square of ocean - it looked and moved like jello, and was completely self-contained. Because of this, you could lean down and look through the sides of the 'ocean' and see all of the creatures. However, they could also reach out of the 'ocean' and kill you. So, you didn't want to get too close to where a stingray was or his tail might whip out and kill you. There were other people all around working on other various scientific things, and since I had no idea what any of it was, I just tried to look busy so I wouldn't have to do anything. There was a girl who was a fashion designer. Apparently the dance known as the Rumba which had been lost for centuries but was said to have some magical properties (this dance is not lost, it is actually a well-known dance - why it was in my dreams I have no idea). This girl was making an intense necklace that would hopefully harness some power from the dance and let the wearer be capable of dancing the Rumba and thereby having control over the ocean. Very strange. Then I woke up.

I have no idea how many of you actually read those, but I just wanted to get them out of my head and in writing. I will try and be back soon to catch you all up on my life, such that it is. :)

I miss everyone in Bklyn and can't wait to see y'all again!