Social Media Saves the Day!

So this girl went to a bar after work with her laptop. This guy who was hanging around was kinda creeping her out and making moves toward her phone, but she ignored him. He left and then when she decided to leave, she realized her bag was gone. Realizing that it was probably that guy, she went and asked the bartender if he knew his name - he did (because he paid with a credit card). She filed a police report but then decided to do some sleuthing of her own. She tracked him down on facebook and learned about him. Then, through some Googling, she found out where he lived. Having come to the conclusion that the guy wasn't dangerous, she and a friend decided to go to his apartment and confront him.

Once in his building, she talked her way up to his apartment and confronted him. He was so drunk he didn't even know what he'd done and she got her stuff back! The next day she friended him on Facebook and he didn't even remember any of it! Unbelievable!

Hurrah for social media! :)

Read the whole story here. (From Mediabistro.com)

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