So, it's been a while since I updated. Let's see...life has been pretty good. Unfortunately, I've been sick this week :( allergies, I guess. Super fun. School is going...yeah, it's going. Somehow seems like a little less work, at least recently. Kinda weird, but ok! It's just been a little easier to be sick and not quite as stressful as usual - in the past I'd have to get tons of work done when I couldn't even think. This time I've been able to get my work done and go to bed early to catch up on sleep. It's been a bit weird.

This week I've been pretty anti-social...watched a lot of movies and just random bad TV. I think I need to reconnect with people...I get a little crazy if I don't talk to more than one person a day.

I'm glad that my friends' lives seem to be progressing in a pleasant way recently. :) Does make me a bit jealous at times, but I try to not focus on that. I think that switching one of my prescriptions has made me a little more emotional this past month... maybe switching back will get me more normal. Or am I just crazy all the time? Seems like it these past couple of months.

Ahh....I've got to keep an eye on plane tickets for October! MUST GO TO BOONE FOR RUCKTOBERFEST!!!!! Must see my best girl! :D Cannot wait! Yay!

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Dan said...

Don't be jealous, be murderous!