The importance (and awesomeness) of networking.

So lately I've really been feeling the benefits of networking. I completely believe that one of the best ways to get a great job is based on who you know. I've recently been talking to an advertising creative who used to work in New York until he got burned out by it (sounds just like how I'm feeling too), moved to Richmond, VA to work at The Martin Agency and is now working at BBDO in Atlanta. He is a great person to know and he's been giving me great advice on what to do after graduation. Hopefully I'll also be able to get a few names/recommendations from him too. It is a very good feeling to hear from an actual professional who has worked in some amazing agencies say that my work is great. Ego boost!

When Donna found out that I was looking into The Martin Agency, she (being from Richmond) called upon her many connections there to see if they had any connections to the agency. Turns out, she has two connections: one of her former students has a friend who works there now, and another former student........is one of the founder's sons! So, maybe something can come from all of these new connections!

I am finding networking is opening more and more doors for me. Now hopefully it will get me an actual job. :) I really feel like getting out into the real world now! I can't wait to get paid for doing what I love - no more paying to do it!

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