Some things that are making me happy right now.

A few weeks ago I Stumbled on an interesting music site, Musicovery. I favorited it and then kinda forgot about it. This weekend I was realizing I wanted to listen to some new music - something that wasn't in my iTunes - and I remembered the site. I think it is very interesting! The music is picked based on whatever mood you're in. I also think the design is interesting - could definitely use some tweaks, but the idea is cool.

I also just finished watching Save the Last Dance before bed. One of my favorite comfort movies. Totally makes me miss Sarah and Nicole and the days of our wonderful sleepovers! Makes me sad that we have to grow up. I can't believe Nicole is getting freakin' married in June!! And she already has a house! Wow. We're all getting older. Oh well, it happens. :)

Ok, off to bed. Full day of homework ahead of me. Yippie.

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