So WNCW is our public radio station back home. Where we listen to NPR and the World Cafe and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and and and and etc.

It very much reminds me of home. Recently (today) I realized that I could listen to it through the internet (duh)! So I've been listening to it off and on all day, and this is a conversation I had with Andrew about it:

me: im listening to WNCW online [smile]
it's like I'm home
sitting in my living room on the couch
looking out the window, trying to take a nap
and then dad walks by and tweaks my nose
when he's on his way outside to chop a tree down or something..haha
Sent at 2:48 PM on Tuesday
Andrew: ha
yeah, that's how it is
me: that is!
Sent at 2:53 PM on Tuesday
me: that is exactly what life at my house is like, and i'm not even joking
Sent at 2:54 PM on Tuesday

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