Today I'm leavin' to go home for a week! I am pretty excited about it. :) I leave straight from work, which is kind of a bitch, just because I had to carry my bags here...through the subway....and the rain. Let's just say my day did not start off well. Left the apartment a little late, it was raining. I was carrying my laptop bag, my lunch, my umbrella, and pulling my two bags - one on top of the other. Three blocks in the rain. Two blocks from my apartment, I realized that I had brought my butter for my bagel - but not the bagel. Then, my week's unlimited MetroCard had run out...so I had to buy a new one - making me miss my train. Then, I struggled to get myself and all of my shit through the turnstile thing to get on the train. The train finally came, and I actually did get to sit down. Then I had to walk the ten minutes to work. That part wasn't a huge problem, except that I was already 5 minutes late, and it takes 10 minutes to walk. Thankfully I had brought a Reese's Cup with me...so that was my (very nutritious) breakfast, along with some (equally nutritious) muffin bites...kinda weird.

Now I'm just working on logo logo logo till 5. Don't think my brain will survive all 5 hours of doing this intense creative thinking...

We'll see! Doesn't matter anyway, Ill be home in 9 hours! (Well, really, the airport, but close enough :) ) Hurrah for vacations!

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