As much as I love cats, and especially my roommates cat, I am frustrated with them right now. I'm catsitting this week, while my roommate is away. Last night was the first night she was gone - Pacha didn't take it too well. She got lonely. She loves me. This leads to her scratching on my door at 1am trying to get in. I open the door because she WON'T STOP, let her in, try to leave the door open so that she can come in and out, but my other roommate had a friend over, and I couldn't sleep with their noise with the door open. Grr. So I had to keep getting up over and over and over and over again for that stupid cat. I am soooo sleepy right now. Work is not where I want to be. Bed is.

Well, that's enough bitching for now. :) Sorry I haven't been updating! Sarah's here! So, that distracted me for a while. I will try to be better about posting. :) Specially since I enjoy it.

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