Well, I'm home now. Got back about 10pm Saturday night. I had a great time with Dad and Donna in NYC...too bad they can't stay around..or at least leave their credit card. :) We met up with an old student of Donna's and it turns out she works at an advertising agency in the city. Draftfcb!! She's an account manager, and told me to definitely stay in touch! So I made a contact! Yay.

In other news, today we poured the concrete for the shop that my dad is finally starting on - pictures should hopefully be up soon. Dad has been planning to build this thing for 21 years so it's pretty cool that we're finally getting started on it. Was a lot of work though - and messy too! Phew!

Anywho..can't wait to go see my aunt and uncle this weekend and then head to the beach for a week! Hurrah! :) Hopefully I can get a tan and come back to New York looking better than I left it. Time to start a new year.

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