It's hard being home. I knew it would be, but I'm hoping the benefits and the good things outweigh the negatives and the painfulness.. It's like a huge part of my life was ripped out...which it kinda was....and now I'm visiting the empty hole which is still unsteady and bleeding. (Damn I love my weird metaphors) Everywhere I turn I'm hit with a memory of something. Every person I see I am reminded.

It's also funny to talk to Nicole and hear about how her life is going - being engaged, finishing school, getting a job, buying a house. I am so happy for her. At the same time, it kinda freaks me out...I was feeling decently secure about certain aspects of my future, and then things change. And now there's only one more year until I'm out in the world. Who knows what will happen; what will change during this year. Stay tuned. :)

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