So Sarah and I watched 'Sphere' tonight - an awesome movie, by the way. (Not great in like an award winning way, but fun and kinda creepy and sorta makes you think...but don't think toooo hard about it) Anywho, so there's this very small role - a helicopter pilot - and he has the goggles, and the headphone things so you can't realllly see his face, and his voice is a litttle distorted through the headphone speakers but I was all, "that dude reminds me of the dad/main character in the movie 'Duets'." I got up and found that that 'dude' was none other than Huey Lewis (of Huey Lewis and the News). So I forgot about it and then at the end of the movie, during the credits, I see 'Huey Lewis' as the helicopter pilot. That made my night. That, and the Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade bottle - the large one - that said: "Berry. Berry. Big." Remember, small things people.

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