I am sooo miserable. It is too f'n HOT up here! My tiny little fan is not good enough...94 today and I think a million degrees in my little room. Sleeping is miserable, sitting is miserable, life is miserable. I had an attack of tachycardia today - one that would not go away. The combo of heat, stress and sadness is not good...I think I need to let myself talk about it or slowly let it out as the pressure builds, rather than letting it build up and then randomly explode in a horrible, tear-filled explosion at 4 in the morning. Bleh. I'm going to go lock myself in the freezer now.


S. said...

I don't think I'm going to make it in this heat, Malia. lol We need to go to the jewish community center or something

Malia said...

Seriously. Haha. I need a bigger fan.