My new website!

So, I'm pretty excited. I finally bought my own domain, and I'm actually hosting something on it! Yup, you guessed it! My portfolio! Pretty psyched. :) Right now it's kinda a placeholder until I actually design a regular website and put it up there, but hey! my work is visible and online. Many thanks to Andrew for helping set it up.

Also, I found out today that I'm getting a Blackberry! The Pearl 8130. I should be getting it tomorrow - or definitely by Friday! Exciting. I never thought I'd be able to get a Blackberry, so when my stepdad told me that it was in the list of phones I could upgrade to on our plan, I jumped on it.

Time for bed - I've got to brainstorm for a Vaseline campaign with my girls - go team Komoma!


Laura Conner said...

Blackberry rocks!!! I just got a Curve a couple of weeks ago. I am completely in love with it. Maybe unhealthily so ; )

Molo said...


Malia said...

Yeah, I'm pretty addicted already..haha.