Blah. I think it's really cute when I see friends and their significant others together. I love that they are happy and that makes me happy. But sometimes, it's hard. Especially when it's at the beginning of a relationship - when they're still getting to know each other and getting comfortable. When I see that I feel extra lonely. :( I've been single for 5 months....almost half a year. Wow. I know I'm sending off the weirdest vibe to people...and I guess that's ok..? I mean, when I'm ready hopefully I'll be sending off a good vibe - not a desperate one though, I hope. I miss having someone around to talk to and to go on dates with and to snuggle with and watch movies with. At least I have awesome friends I can do most of those things with - not all though. And I miss that extra bit.

PS - check out this awesome game that Arlin showed me! (I'm really really bad at it)


MONster said...

cuddlefest at our sleepover! <3

Malia said...

Yay! :)