I just woke up from the scariest dream... Apparently I was in Columbia, driving next to the lake. The lake was pretty small though, more like a pond. As I was driving past it (the road came pretty close to the edge) I looked into the water and saw a HUGE alligator. I thought to myself, DAMN, that's a huge alligator. Before I'd even finished that thought I was suddenly out of my car, it was still there though, and skimming across the grass in a very shallow canoe-like thing.

Everything in me was screaming "DON'T GO IN THE WATER!! PLEASE GOD DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THE WATER!!!" Of course, I promptly skim across the water, right next to the huge gator. Lucky for me there were dock-like things in the water, otherwise I wouldv'e been gator food immediately since the huge gator had come to investigate what was skimming across the water next to him. Unlucky for me, a lot of the docks were not high enough out of the water to keep me safe from the gators.

I very quickly swam to the closest dock and ran down to the end of it, with the gator coming up behind. He was gaining. I made a huge leap onto another dock thing that was taller, but the alligator to get to that one too...so I kept running and jumping until I could find something that would keep me safe from the gators. I had dropped my phone in the water when trying to get away from the gator, so I couldn't even call anyone for help.

The huge alligator eventually lost interest, but pretty soon some others picked up where he left off...it was exhausting, let me tell you. Then, because I didn't have enough to worry about, Jamie happens to drive by, sees me out there with the alligators and, of COURSE, jumps into the water to come towards me. Because that was the logical thing to do. Not call for help from safety. No. Jump in to be with me. Anyway, she jumped in, right next to an alligator, and is still coming up for air and to get her bearings when the alligator starts to come towards her. I'm screaming, "SWIM JAMIE!! SWIM!!!!" The alligator is right on top of her and she keeps hitting it and trying to swim away. She somehow makes it to the small dock and books it down towards where I'm sitting. The alligator is chasing her.

Somehow we both end up sitting together above the gators, but not very far above them...if they tried really really hard, they could get us. At least Jamie has had the foresight to still have her phone, so we call for help. Unfortunately, it's getting dark, and we're not relishing the thought of trying to stay away from these alligators when we can't even see them or the things that will help us stay away from them.

We end up very near the edge (not quite near enough though) when my dad and some other guys come running down the bank towards us. They've brought two horses to carry us out. Jamie's horse is nice and fast and comfortable. My horse on the other hand, made for a terrifying experience. First, I couldn't really get on the horse from above; I ended up on backwards and I had to turn around somehow. Of course all of the action had attracted more alligators and they were closing in fast. The horse was just standing there. I'm screaming, "RUN! RUN! I DON'T WANT TO BE EATEN NOW!!"

I have to kick one alligator away and finally the horse starts running. We make it out of the water and onto the bank, but we can't stop there, because the alligators can come up onto the bank. We jump over a small staircase and end up falling down, me trying to slide away to not land on the horse. I end up landing on Jamie's horse instead. Whatever...at least we were all safe.

Holy crap, it was very very real and fuckin' TERRIFYING! Just thought I'd share.

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