Well. Yesterday would have been our 5 year anniversary. Hm. And next Thursday will be the 3 month anniversary of us breaking up. This is probably not healthy to be thinking about. Don't worry, I'm not counting the days or anything...it's just interesting to go back and think about the time in actual units. 3 months. I can't decide if it sounds like a long time, or no time at all. I can't decide if it feels like it either. Guess it doesn't matter. I just have to keep truckin'.

Tonight's my last night in Polk County for a while; heading out to the Outer Banks with my mom and Jamie to camp for a week and then head straight up to New York to move me back in. I guess I'm looking forward to going back. Getting away from everything that's so close and full of memories and going back to the familiarity of school and a schedule and being too busy to think. I am so terrified of this coming year. Terrified and excited. Since it's me I can't help but think ahead to the end of the year...to when I'll be done with school. When I have to go out into the real world. Get a Job. Find a House/Apt. Make Money. Pay back Loans. Well. That stuff will happen no matter what. I'm going to try not to stress too much about it. Try and focus on just getting through the first semester alive.

I am so psyched about having my own room. I really enjoyed it this summer, and I think it'll be even nicer this year, to be able to work on my schedule and be alone when I want to. Hopefully I won't get tooooo secluded though. At least I have friends that I can visit when I feel like being around people. Ok, time to head to bed I guess. Got a lot of driving to do in the morning. Looking forward to it though! :)

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Molo said...

have fun! i can't wait to see you! we'll HAVE to hang out bc we have senior projs together =)