Well, no shot glass for Callie...they just weren't cool enough. If I'm going to buy her one, it's going to be one that I wish that I had for myself. The museum, however, was very fun. It was very fitting to the theme of MTA; the entrance is the entrance to an old subway station. My favorite part was getting to go down to the tracks and look at actual cars from all the subway trains through the years. Very very cool. Unfortunately, I was an idiot and forgot my camera...so. No pictures. :( I think I may take Jamie there when she's here - it's only $5 and it was pretty neat.

Tonight we watched Hellboy in preparation for Hellboy II, coming out July 11. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, which was nice. Hellboy was followed by some rousing rounds of RockBand. It was good to have a chill evening, specially since last night was a bit too alcohol-ridden and strange.


You know, lately I've been feeling like such a bad person...I just feel like I'm constantly a hypocrite, which I hate..I hate feeling like I *think* that I am so open-minded and accepting of other people's likes and opinions...but then I say and do things that completely cut down people and what they like.. and this has been brought to my attention too many times in the last couple of months. I try so hard, but then I just end up lashing out at other people because I'm so upset with myself and my faults.

I feel so empty...

Not all the time...but a depressing amount of time.

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Dan said...

Hush now, you know I was joking! feel better! Or else!