It's hard when someone you've been so close to for so long is suddenly not in your life. And when you do talk, it feels like although things are decently comfortable...maybe a little too comfortable...everything is different. Why is it so much harder for one person to move on than the other? And why does that hurt almost as much as the fact that we have to move on? I wish that time would stop and yet, at the same time, that time would hurry up and move...I want this ache to go away...I want the tears to stop flowing..

Ok. Now that that's out. Sorry for continuously getting all mushy and dramatic...I just usually write, lately, when something is emotional...I haven't been as into the mundane, everyday things lately. Also because Jamie was here for the weekend. It was awesome having her here. We got to do all sorts of fun things, even if they weren't all that exciting. :) It made me miss home and my parents. I think I am going to try and go home for August...hopefully visit other family who I never get to see and just relax, get away from it all...It's funny that sometimes you need to run away from the place you ran to in the beginning. It'll be better once I'm in my new place, with people around, and things to do. Probably too many things to do. But at least it'll help distract me.

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