I'm getting my haircut by Tracy at Ananada's. It's after hours and she's agreed to do this specially for me. Sarah and Nicole are there too, reading and talking together. In the middle of the cut, my family comes in, but not my immediate family - my aunt and more cousins than I actually have. They distract, and suddenly Tracy is my grandmother, feeding them spaghetti. I am forgotten. I get upset and leave, and suddenly I'm on a raft in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of robots that are fighting - they're not dangerous though. Really it's an animation that Harry has made and it's realistically playing out on this raft in the middle of the ocean. I decide to put them away so that I can get back to land. Unfortunately I realize that the box that they all go into is too close to the edge of the raft, and Harry's going to kill me if his pieces fall into the ocean. I jump into the water and, grabbing hold of the edge of the raft, try and push the box away, hoping that the weight of me holding the raft isn't going to instead send them over the edge. It's dangerous, and I'm not sure what else is in the water with me. Finally the box is pushed away and I somehow clamber back onto the raft. Suddenly we're near land, but it's really a lot of porches right up to the ocean. I see Dan on one porch without any railing, so I try and make for that. The current is strong and I end up grabbing onto a porch where there's a party going on. I try and drag myself and the raft over to Dan's porch, where, strangely, there isn't any water. I make it. The raft is somehow still floating even though there isn't any water. I get off the raft and pull out my English homework that we apparently were supposed to work on together.


Dan said...

I didn't know we had English hw! FUCK!

Monica said...

fine. don't dream about me. hmph.