Long Time No See

So, I've decided to try this blogging thing out again. I've been inspired to try this again by reading all of the blogs I check on everyday, and because Wednesday I went to a book signing for my favorite blogger ever: Heather Armstrong of dooce.com. She just put together a compilation of essays about dads. I just finished reading it today, and I really enjoyed it. It made me miss my Dad... it was very interesting to read essays about other people's relationships with their own fathers and their experiences being new fathers themselves. Some essays were heartbreaking, while others were full of joy at being a father or joy with their own fathers.

Actually getting up the guts to actually go to the book signing itself was a huge challenge for me. On the train home from work I was having a constant running commentary with myself. This is pretty much how it went:

inner me 1: Should I really go? I'll just get too nervous!
inner me 2: Are you really going to be a chicken shit, just like you always are, and not go to something you'd really enjoy just because it would be stepping out of your box? Don't tell me you're just going to go home, because it's easy, and sit there and think about what you could have done.
inner me 1: Yeah, but...I really admire her...what if I say something stupid, or don't say anything at all?
inner me 2: You're going to go. That's it. You will actually say funny things and have a personality! It will be fine. You'll feel awesome about it later, when you can say, "look what I did! look who I met! YAYAYAY!"

Inner me 2 won out, thankfully. I trudged uncertainly down into Brooklyn towards what I hoped was the Soda Bar (having forgotten the exact address) armed with only the almost certain knowledge that it was on Vanderbilt..but having no idea what cross street. I did end up making it, and had an incredible time! I felt like I was waiting to meet a celebrity; my hands were sweaty, my mouth was dry. When I actually got up there to meet her, my legs were also shaking. Thankfully, the sweaty hands had pretty much gone away. :) And you know, I was so proud of myself. I actually joked with her, and had an actual conversation! I really feel like that was a huge breakthrough for me. Hurrah!

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Dan said...

Congratulations on meeting an idol!