Laugh if you must

I don't care. I'll say it to anyone who asks: I love Nora Roberts. I know she writes a new book like, every week, but I don't care!! I'll read them. I will go to Target and buy the $7 copy they have on sale every other day and I'll love every second of it. There's nothing quite like reading a good, mindless book. It's an added plus if there's a mystery to be solved, a demon to kill, somebody to punish all while finding the one true love who means the world to you. And having killer sex. Yup, pretty much sums up their greatness. To me at least. :)

After dealing with school, and non-stop stress, I deserve to read something mindless. I also deserve to go to sleep at 10:30 during the week, and hell - on the weekends too, if I feel like it. So there.

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